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The goal of the Boy Scout Troop 307 website is to enhance communication. The calendar is a great place to start. Just click on any event in the calendar for more details including event registration, and payment options for the event.

How Do I Join?

Boy Scouting is open to any boy in middle or high school. For more information please feel free to drop the membership committee an email at: membership@troop307.mytroop.us

Are You On The Troop 307 E-mail List?

To ensure the safety of our Boy Scouts this is a secure password protected site. You should have received your user name and password via an email message. If you do not have your user name and password on the website or need your password reset, please contact the webmaster.

Happy Thanksgiving from Troop 307

Posted by admin on Nov 19 2017 - 8:47pm

Annual Holiday Greens Sale

Posted by admin on Nov 19 2017 - 8:46pm

We will be holding our annual Holiday Greens and Wreath Sale Fundraiser on Saturday December 2, 2017 and Saturday December 9, 2017 from 8AM-2PM in the CUMC Melvin Ave Parking Lot across from the Post Office. We just need scouts to attend to help provide their skills constructing wreaths. No previous training required, we will train during the event.

In addition to your presence and your Scout Spirit, we are also in need of holiday greens. Our most urgent needs will be for Holly with berries, magnolia, pine cones and other items that could be used to decorate wreaths and swags. We also sell quite a bit of these loose for people to use in their homes. If you have these plants at home bring as much as you can. Ask your neighbors and friends if you could carefully, under supervision, trim some for our sale. Remember, the more we have the more we sell. The more we sell, the more we make.

Please register for Saturday Dec. 2 or Saturday, Dec 9, so we know who is planning to attend. 

2018 Troop 307 Membership Dues are now OVERDUE!!

Posted by admin on Nov 19 2017 - 8:00pm

We're asking all Boy Scouts to please try to make their annual dues payment by November 28, 2017. We need to complete the registration process with the Council by mid-November. 

Boy Scout dues for Troop 307 for the 2018 program year are $74.  This can be paid by check to 'Troop 307', turned in at a Troop meeting, or through the event registration page.  In addition, you can optionally subscribe to BSA's Boys Life magazine event registration page.  Also, please validate and update your profile on the website.  Please type "Profile OK" in the notes of the event registration so we have confirmation that you validated your profile.

The adult dues, $28, are required for registered leaders only!!  If you currently not a registered leader and would like to become a registered leader this year, please pay the fee, and we will provide you an Adult Leader application.

Website Profile Updates

Posted by admin on Apr 19 2015 - 7:26am

Verify your profile information by clicking My Profile in the upper left hand corner after you login.

Need to update your personal profile information on the Troop 307 website, please send email to the Troop 307 webmaster to request the changes,


Posted by admin on Sep 22 2014 - 8:10pm

Welcome to the Experienced Uniform & Gear Exchange, Troop 307 offers to all Scouts. Using the uniform exchange is a great way to clothe your child in experienced uniform attire and supply them with gear at no cost. Here is a brief overview of how the program is set up to function:

  1. Clean gently used uniforms and gear is turned into the troop
  2. All pieces are inspected
  3. Parents browse for pieces needed
  4. Requests are made and items will be issued at troop meeting.

We are asking to donate outgrown uniform clothing and gear so we can serve as many scouts as possible.  Items we are looking for are uniform pants, shorts, class A long and short sleeve shirts, class B shirts and hoodies, scout shirts and hoodies, cold gear, scout belts, hiking boots, hat and any camping or scout gear.

Additional details in the attached flier.  

Friends of Troop 307 Facebook Group

Posted by admin on Sep 14 2014 - 7:13pm

Send email to the Troop 307 webmaster to join Friends of Troop 307 Facebook group.  This is a Private Group, so adults can post Troop 307 information. Only members of the group can see posts.  Due to BSA Social Media policy must be 21 years of age or older to join the group.

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